Does Wine Affect Your Health Negatively or Positively?

It has been proven scientifically that wine can help avoid physical diseases, which is a leading killer of women in America. This benefit alone makes it worth drinking. However, that is not where this miracle cure stops. It also aids in retarding the chances of getting breast cancer, another serious health risk for women. On top of that it is said to be good for the gums as well as […]


Can a Dry Wine Taste Sweet?

There are as many types of wine as there are stars in the sky, or so it seems. From a bone dry Sagrantino to a very sweet White Port, there is a wine for everyone and every occasion. The sugar content, or the amount of sugar left over from fermentation is commonly expressed in grams per liter and will give you a general idea of how sweet a wine will […]


The Different Categories of Wine

Since you have prepared your eyes, nose, and tongue to recognize diverse attributes, I will separate 5 of the most well-known wine assortments. With a little practice, you ought to experience no difficulty identifying The Different Categories of Wine. 1. Cabernet Sauvignon Taxicabs are the simplest. They are the deepest, darkest of all red wines (10/10 on the color scale). Some even have a profound purple shade. Their smell can […]


How To Drink Wine Like A Badass

The moment had come. You are invited to a upper class party. And you need to look good and not to embarrass yourself and your friends. Of course you will put your best clothes, shiny new boots which you just bought today, a white handkerchief, which will no doubt mean that you are well behaved gentleman or gentlewoman. You should put a smile because there is many perils in front […]


What Are The Most Popular Types of Wine This Year?

Are you a wine enthusiast or a beginner who wants to explore the various types of wine? Well, here is a description of the most common varieties which you should sample this year for choosing your favorite type of wine for your palate is personal. Riesling It is one of the most versatile wine varieties and has an aroma of fresh apples. Dry versions of Riesling pair with fish, Chicken […]


Mastering the Art of Acid Adjustment in the Wine Making Process

Wines come in a wide variety of flavors and most people have preferences for certain brands. Some people prefer white wines while others prefer red wines. Amongst the many varieties of wines are wines that are light and sweet, fruity tasting, full-bodied, and even tart. If you are someone who has an interest in wine making, you may have wondered at some point: Why do some wines taste more tart […]


What Are the Most Popular Wine Regions?

What Are the Most Popular Wine Regions? Wondering what are the most popular wine regions? Well, each year there are new regions being added into this list. For instance, did you know about the vineyards in Gobi Desert? Interestingly, there are about ten countries across the globe producing about 80% of the wine in the world. However, there are only three top wine producing countries; these are Italy, Spain and […]


What Should You Expect to Spend on Decent Wine?

We’ve all been there. For whatever purpose, we require a fairly nice bottle of wine. Whether this is for meeting a significant other’s family members, or hosting a classy get together, it can be a very stressful situation if you don’t know the first thing about the variety of wines, or the cost of a good bottle. Well, fear no longer! With this article I will give you all of […]