We’ve all been there. For whatever purpose, we require a fairly nice bottle of wine. Whether this is for meeting a significant other’s family members, or hosting a classy get together, it can be a very stressful situation if you don’t know the first thing about the variety of wines, or the cost of a good bottle. Well, fear no longer! With this article I will give you all of the knowledge that you need to make an informed purchase for whatever situation you require.

The first thing you need to consider before your purchase, is who is this wine for? Unfortunately, some people may not be able to appreciate an inexpensive wine, while some would prefer it! If you’re purchasing this wine for a friendly get together, or for your own solitary enjoyment, you should be able to find a delicious bottle of wine for around $14. This range is when you just start getting out of the cheap stuff, and will more than likely taste fine. While it may take some experimenting to find a wine in this price range that you are happy with, there are a host of brands that cater to this price point. Be sure to check out your local Trader Joe’s. Surprisingly, they actually carry some pretty tasty wines!

However, if your party is more of a professional gathering, walking up with a $14 bottle of Trader Joe’s wine may seem a bit rude. To make a statement at this type of get together, expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $60. While almost every wine at this price point will be delicious, it can be a bit cost prohibitive. Unfortunately, if you find yourself in this type of situation there isn’t really a way around just biting the bullet and buying the wine. Situations like these are more about the prestige of the bottle than the actual taste or quality. Which if fine! More delicious Trader Joe’s wine for the rest of us!

I hope that this article will assist in giving you a benchmark with which to purchase wines. Remember that while the cheaper bottles can be great, don’t be afraid to splurge and get a more expensive bottle if the situation demands it. And as always, drink responsibly.