The moment had come. You are invited to a upper class party. And you need to look good and not to embarrass yourself and your friends. Of course you will put your best clothes, shiny new boots which you just bought today, a white handkerchief, which will no doubt mean that you are well behaved gentleman or gentlewoman. You should put a smile because there is many perils in front of you, and you must know the most important thing. On this kind of party there will be expensive wine involved. Take a deep breath and follow this instructions, on how to drink a wine and look like an aristocrat.

First thing first you need to pour the wine. If you are a man, manners, demands that you pour the wine yourself and for a nearby lady that is interested in you. If you are woman, you may be lucky enough to get somebody else do it for you. In order to not to drip anything rotate the bottle from you as you stop pouring. Pour quickly in order to avoid the stains which can destroy yours newly bought clothes. Practice at home. Pour only 150 ml – 180 ml ( 5-6 ounces) if you pour more, people will give you strange looks.

Second thing: Learn to hold the wine properly, put your fingers towards base of the stern, using your thumb and forefinger.

Third thing: If somebody proposes the toast, you should not cling right away. On some occasions you only need to rise the glass. But if you do have to cling, then please hold your glass straight, and do not cling as if you were a Hulk , in a tuxedo suit. Gently does the trick. Always look into the eyes, try to make your face expression friendly. Do that with persons who are close to you, do not try to jump over table in order to cling with your best friend.

Fourth¬†thing: When you are drinking wine you should drink in very small sips, taste the wine. It’s not like an, another alcohol drink. Drink it with passion. Enjoy every moment of it.

Use those advises while you are drinking somewhere less formal. and impress your friends. I would also recommend to learn about wines , in order to look like a badass when you drink socially