It has been proven scientifically that wine can help avoid physical diseases, which is a leading killer of women in America. This benefit alone makes it worth drinking. However, that is not where this miracle cure stops. It also aids in retarding the chances of getting breast cancer, another serious health risk for women. On top of that it is said to be good for the gums as well as fighting off the common cold. It seems that from A to Z health wise, wine is a very good choice for a drink.

Why red wine is better than white wine

Grapes contain a compound called resveratrol. It has been proves that this compound is good for you and while white grapes do contain it, red ones have a substantial amount more inside of them. This makes red wine much better for you than white wine. Which is not to say that white wine is not good for you, because it is, it just doesn’t give you all of the full benefits that you could gain from drinking red instead of the white.

How wine contributes to reducing obesity

Wine is in fact good for you even when you are on a diet. It has been shown that wine contains only 20 calories per ounce. On top of that, there is a substance in red wines, along with blueberries and some other fruits, that actually inhibits the fat cells ability to grow. This means that drinking wine keeps your from producing as many fat cells and therefore making you slimmer than if you didn’t drink it at all. Studies have shown that women who drink wine every day are slimmer than those who do not. This anti-fat compound is defintily a factor in that result.

Drinking wine during pregnancy

This is a complex and difficult question to answer. Should you or should you not drink wine while pregnant? Doctors cannot agree on an answer to this question mainly because we do not understand completely how fetal alcohol syndrome develops. Some women drank a lot their whole pregnancy and their babies were fine wile others had only an occasional drink and their babies developed the condition. Since we know so little about it, it becomes a personal choice based on personal belief. Many doctors though do advocate drinking up to one glass of wine a night while pregnant, while others say to abstain from all alcohol throughout the entire pregnancy. There is no right answer until we have more scientific information on the topic itself.

Breast cancer

In this area there are conflicting studies. Some show that drinking wine reduces a woman’s risk of breast cancer, another showed that women who drink six or more glasses per week have a fifteen percent higher chance of breast cancer than women who abstain. This however, is not at all conclusive. One study cannot prove that the small fifteen percent difference wasn’t a coincidence. One reliable study says it helps while another says it hurts so there is still no real proof either way. If we could answer this question conclusively than perhaps we could isolate what causes good or bad effects and how to use it to treat or prevent breast cancer in the future. Researchers are still working on finding an answer.

Wine’s Effects

This article has shown that there are many benefits to drinking wine, especially red, and it has also demonstrated how much we still just don’t know about wine’s effects. As of now, people still have to make the call on their own. While it does have its benefits, not all are proves conclusively.