Are you a wine enthusiast or a beginner who wants to explore the various types of wine? Well, here is a description of the most common varieties which you should sample this year for choosing your favorite type of wine for your palate is personal.


It is one of the most versatile wine varieties and has an aroma of fresh apples. Dry versions of Riesling pair with fish, Chicken and Pork. Germany, France and Tasmania are the most common known producers of the Riesling wine.


The wine pairs excellently with a meat meal. It is abundant in fruit sensations and gripping tannins. France Rhone valley is known to be the best producer of the best syrah wine though other regions like California and Australia produce it too.

Pinot Noir

The noble wine has very soft tannins and minimal level of polyphenols. Most of the red wine grapes used to make wine originate from Burgundy in France. It pairs perfectly with Salmon, Chicken and mutton. It’s a very popular wine and has been featured in the movie “sideways”.


Produced from the noblest grapes of Spain, the tempranillo is ideal for warm weather. It can be blend with Grenache and Maurvedre to form a smooth blend known as GSM. The wine exhibits flavors of plum and strawberries.


The Merlot is recommendable for new red-wine drinkers due to its softness and low levels of tannins. Originating from Bordeaux, the wine is available in black-cherry and herbal flavors. Its food pairing is not restricted.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine enthusiasts refer to it as the “king of Red Wine Grapes” due to its popularity, aroma and bouquet. It has a distinguishable light black currant taste when blend to a Bordeaux-style wine. The Cabernet sauvignon pairs very well with red meat.

Sauvignon Blanc

This dry white wine is ideal for warm weather. Its most common flavors include citrus, pineapple and kiwi. Sauvignon Blanc quality is influenced by its region of origin and New Zealand is an excellent producer of the wine.